The ASL Investment Club

Developing the Financial Minds of the Future

The ASL Investment Club provides members the opportunity to learn about the financial sector, through in-depth analysis of investment opportunities, and discussions around important

questions posed to investors allowing members to practice managing an equity portfolio with the goal of enabling members to make smarter financial decisions in the future. 

About Us

The American School in London Investment Club was founded in September 2017 by Jeh Vandrevala '21, Lukas Tavasolli '21, Isaac Dacy '19, Cameron Moghadam '19 and Nic Halsted '19. The ASL Investment Club is primarily focused on synthetic trading, and developing members analytical skills which are a fundamental part of enabling strong financial decision making.


The ASL Investment Club has hosted guest speakers from some of the most prestigious roles in the field of finance, which include the likes of Guiseppe Corona (Head of Global Listed Infrastructure AMP Capital), Liad Meidar (Founder and CEO Gatemore Capital), Doc Horn (Head of Total Return Equities Pictet Asset Management), Lionel de Saint-Exupery (CEO CDIB Capital) and Richard Weil (CEO Janus Henderson). Speakers provide members with opportunities to learn for experts about the financial sector and discuss broader issues markets face, particularly the ethics surrounding them.


The club currently has 107 members at the American School in London, all of whom are interested in the financial world. Individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to join the table and engage in debate, and discussion. There are taught analytical skills by the leadership team, mentors and guest speakers ensuring a strong understanding of the markets, with the goal of providing a strong basis for members to make informed investment decisions.

Jeh Vandrevala
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Robert Garza-Altuna
Co-Chief Financial Officer
Cameron Moghadam
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Isaac Dacy
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Leadership Team
Jeh Vandrevala
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Cameron Moghadam
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Isaac Dacy
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Robert Garza-Altuna
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Investment Committee
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Robert Garza-Altuna
Eleanor Benton
Aydin Maharramov
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Sal Cerrell
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Jeh Vandrevala (Chairman), ASL '21
Robert Garza-Altuna, ASL '21
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Amber de Saint-Exupéry
Amber de Saint-Exupéry
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Fletcher Mack
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Bella Muri, ASL '22
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Owen Humphries, ASL '22
Investment & Education
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Fletcher Mack, ASL '21
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Anya Tchelikidi, ASL '21
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Adil Farooq, ASL '21
Planning Committee
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Eleanor Benton, ASL '21
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Amber de Saint-Exupéry, ASL '22
Rodolphe Stern, ASL '22
Membership Committee
Anand Vandrevala, ASL '23
Kylie Murray, ASL '21
Liad Meidar
(September 2017 - Present)

Mr. Meidar is the Founder and Managing partner of Gatemore Capital a asset manager with over $1.1bn under advisement. He also founded Felix Partners and was the CEO of, a publicly traded company. Mr. Meidar received an AB in economics from Princeton in 1997 and since has been a leader in the field of investment.

Doc Horn
(May 2019 - Present)

Mr. Horn is the Head of Total Return Equities at Pictet Asset Management, and as of June 2017, his Funds have managed $7.4 billion of assets. He also served as the Global Head of Fundamental Equities and Head of Europe at UBS O’Connor. 

Jose Garza
(September 2017 - Present)

Mr. Garza is an Investment Director for Emma Capital. Mr. Garza previously worked at Salomon Brothers as Managing Director of M&A and has also worked for Merrill Lynch in M&A. Mr. Garza received an Bachelor and Master's degrees from the University of Chicago and has been a leader in the field of European investment.

Duncan Pringle
(September 2017 - Present)

Mr. Pringle, an economics and social sciences teacher and at the American School in London since 2016. Mr. Pringle lived and taught in Rome where he served as the assistant head of school. Mr. Pringle has explored the major macro-economic shifts, recently, he has been studying the implications of BREXIT on the U.K economy.

Derek Bandeen
(October 2017 - June 2018)

Mr. Bandeen served as the head of Citi Group's Equity trading from 2008 through to 2016. Prior to that Mr. Bandeen worked with Morgan Stanley for 22 years as the Head of Institutional Equity Investments in Europe. Mr. Bandeen received an A.B from Duke as well as an MBA from Fuqua business school.

Investment Philosophy
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Our investment principles are based on the principles of 'value investing' defined by Benjamin Graham. Graham's principles take into account both the growth of the company and the valuation of the company. Members must submit research reports, and provide oral descriptions of Investment opportunities before the Investment is made, with club members voting on the proposal.


Macro-level insights define the path that the Investment Club will take when looking at an industry, with investments often stemming from the view of the industry itself.


"The ASL Investment Club boosts returns through Industry based views, and looks for companies that are significantly undervalued based on their growth prospects"

Jeh Vandrevala (Founder)

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Recent Events
Speaker event with Mr. Doc Horn
Head of Total Return Pictet Asset Management
Mr. Doc Horn Speaker Image 2.png
Speaker event with Mr. Simon Jacob
Investor and Global Market Speaker
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Stock Debate Tesla
Speaker event with Mr. Dick Weil
CEO Janus Henderson
Virtual speaker event with Mr. Chris Whitman and Mr. Jayesh Kannan
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*As of now, we trade on a virtual, Investopedia, account. One of our goals is to trade real money and donate the profits to the American School in London Foundation